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My name is Phillip Pogrebinsky and I love tennis. I was given the opportunity at my tennis camp to try out the stringing machine and since then, in the past 5 years, I have strung around 800 racquets using a machine that I purchased my senior year of high school. Customers are my first priority, and I look forward to having your business.

Base price for stringing: $20 (extra fee for strings)

Distance from my Shop in South Natick, MA Pickup/Dropoff Fee
00 - 3 miles FREE
04 - 9 miles Extra $15
10 - 15 miles Extra $20
15 miles + $1.50 per mile

***Exact Distance is calculated during submission of your info***

Tennis Racquet Services

Racquet Stringing.

Recommended every 2 weeks depending on player.


Overgrip Replacement.

Free Overgrip Replacement with stringing.


My Equipment.

Gamma 5003 w/ 6-Point Mount Stringing Machine.

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